Reinvention North

 For Customer-Centred Success!

Reinvention North

We have permanently entered VUCA time: the world of high volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguousness. You need to acquire new capabilities not only to survive but to thrive in the new world.

Reinvention means continuous inventive changes. In its background there is a tried and tested Reinvention Method that already has broad international coverage. The method shows you the way to succeed in VUCA world.

Customer is the North Star for all businesses and businesslike activities. VUCA conditions challenge everything related to a customer! New kind of thinking, new approaches and new practices are needed in customer and customership area.

Reinvention North is for people, companies and organizations that have desire to succeed in continuous customer-centred changes. You'll find both tried and tested as well as new and experimental ways within Reinvention North. When was the last time you increased your knowledge and skills and capabilities in this area?

Customer-Centred Reinvention


New Thinking

Customer thinking needs advances in the VUCA world! Value added is not captured if in a major change a customer is perceived just the old way as a buyer of a product or a service.

Why Customer 360°is needed?

New Approaches

VUCA world has new demands for  customer collaboration. How ready are you to respond to collaboration needs that are fast emerging and often deep by their nature?

Why Customer Collab is needed?

New Practices

A major source of failure has always been too much meetings and too little reality work in customership changes. In the VUCA world this is becoming even more critical.

Why Reality Events are needed?

Take Your Activities  to New Level!